She Bah!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ever hear the phrase, "I'd rather stare at the wall?" I have...and well, I am not quite sure I completely understand what it means.

Can something really be SO boring that staring at a wall for an indefinite period of time is more interesteing? I doubt it. Nevertheless, the idea of staring at a blank wall does raise a few questions. Such as how long can the average joe stare at a blank wall before his interest starts to wane? Anthing more than a couple minutes and we might have to re-think the "normal" aspect.

Seeing things, or having the creative ability to project all sorts of imaginary objects onto this blank wall may very well signify a healthy and stimulated brain. However, being able to do so for an extended period of time may tap into something more psychotic.

I can see it now, psychologists all over the world will be instructing subjects to stare intently at a blank wall measuring how long it takes for the subject's gaze to divert. What sorts of images a person then describes seeing will quantify him along a infinite dimension of increasing psychopathy.

Soon enough, psychologists will be saying Rosarch Who? Who needs inkblots...we have white walls!!


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